TapTone Vintage Guitar

We are excited to announce the next version of our application for guitarists, TapTone Vintage Guitar version 1.2! There are a few major enhancements that we would like to highlight, overall we think the quality of sound and flexibility has increased to a point where you can now achieve near-perfect tones to match your favorite artists. Here’s what’s new:

What’s In A Name

Most obviously, we have modified the name of the application to avoid any confusion with the print and digital publication Vintage Guitar. Our focus is still on Vintage Gear and we will continue to expand our offerings under the TapTone moniker.

New Gear Shop


We have updated the Gear Shop to include new models of Amplifiers. We realized that getting a great sounding amplifier for free was a good place to start but found most musicians were looking for ways to achieve tones even closer to their favorite recordings. Similar to how we provide accurate and tweakable models of your favorite pedals, we are now going to include the same level of performance, accuracy, and flexibility with your favorite amplifiers. This includes details that drill down to specific revisions of amplifiers only offered for a few years before changing, stay tuned for some great new products.

Real Cabinets, Real Sound

Of course, with great amplifiers come great speaker cabinets, and so we have also updated the shop to include cabinet simulations that pair with their respective amplifiers. In keeping with our goal of flexibility and performance we are offering new cabinets as individual products so you can mix and match to suit your needs. All amplifiers now come with a Rear Panel that provides extended control which includes a Cabinet Blend control. You can load up to two cabinets and smoothly blend between them, even during live performance.

Our previous Amplifier has now been split into the original Amplifier and Speaker Simulator as a separate product, all for free. The Speaker Simulator has added tone flexibility and can be blended with real speaker cabinets for even more options. We will be slowly revealing some new presets that accurately capture classic tones, sounds that are so good you won’t believe your ears.

Same Subscription, More Great Products

We think you’ll find that TapTone Vintage Guitar has endless variations of tone to satisfy guitar players in any genre of music. If you were already a subscriber then everything we just mentioned here, the new amplifiers, new cabinets, and all of our pedals are available to you today! If you haven’t yet subscribed, hurry up! You’re missing out! Check out our product page for more details and stay tuned for new products.