Phase Shifter (ReFill)

Phase Shifter ReFill, Version 1.0

The Phase Shifter ReFill takes a comprehensive look at the history of phase shifting using the Digital Filter as a basic building block. Each combinator preset is tuned to get typical factory settings or as combinators allow, you can open the patch and tweak the controls beyond existing designs. It’s an atypical phase shifting collection for both vintage enthusiasts and tweakers alike.


• 8 Combinator Patches based on classic Phase Shifter effects
Free Download (requires the Digital Filter Rack Extension)

Here are a few classic rock sounds using this ReFill:

Combinator Overview

• 01 Tunable Classic: based on the UniVibe’s unmistakable soundClassic-Sounds_Phase-Shifting_Tunable-Classic

• 02-03 Forty Five / Ninety: based on the original MXR designsClassic-Sounds_Phase-Shifting_Ninety

• 04 Ninety Block: with lack of headroomClassic-Sounds_Phase-Shifting_Ninety-Block

• 05-06 Dual Series / Parallel: based on the Bi-Phase dual configurationsClassic-Sounds_Phase-Shifting_Dual

• 07 Original Six: based on the classic, first official phase shifterClassic-Sounds_Phase-Shifting_Original-Six

• 08 Multiple Stages: an attempt at modern designs, at this point we should probably just build a proper Phase Shifter if we are going to go any further…Classic-Sounds_Phase-Shifting_Multiple-Stages