Haas Mixer

Haas Mixer, version 1.0.1   re-logo-100px

The Haas Mixer is a Rack Extension for Reason designed to provide several different time-based functions that can be used simultaneously. In the most basic sense, the device is a mixer that provides binaural processing for four inputs. However, depending on how the device is configured, an input source can be manipulated beyond traditional means approaching the functionality of a creative effect.

The Haas Effect

The Haas Mixer’s primary function is to implement the binaural psychoacoustic effect known as the Haas or Precedence effect. This effect utilizes time delay to change the perceived direction of a sound source assuming stereo output. By definition this means that each channel of the effect requires a mono input. The effect can directly replace traditional panning or add spatialization to a more traditional mix.

Stereo Width

By increasing the range control above 10ms, the perceived directionality becomes more difficult to discern but what you end up with is a wider stereo image. This can be very useful for providing stereo width to an otherwise dry and isolated sound source.

Voltage Control

Like all rack extensions, this device accepts CV input to control the directionality of your sound sources. With increasing LFO rates this can become an effect all by itself creating stereo sonic chaos from yet uncharted territory.


For convenience, the Haas Mixer comes pre-wired to allow mono output which sums the left and right channels. Using the mono output will produce flanging effects similar to those heard from most variable time delay units.

Version 1.0.1

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