AmpStamp 1.8

Kick a$$ and Scream.

AmpStamp is a best-in-class audio processing tool for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS offering models of vintage effects, amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and reverbs. Our goal is to recreate guitar tones heard on classic albums. Through extensive research we model select vintage gear, recording techniques, and provide additional options which allow further customization beyond what is capable from the hardware and/or what was available at the time of recording.

Create tones ranging from classic rock and blues all the way to alternative and heavy metal, with enough gain to spare. When you’ve dialed in the perfect sound, save it as a preset in the virtual Floor Controller for instant recall. And set up your favorite MIDI controller for hands-free operation whether live, in the studio, or just jamming with friends.

When you need more options or want to expand your creativity, head to the Gear Shop. You can buy amplifiers, cabinets, and pedals individually or subscribe for an inexpensive all-access pass that includes all future updates and products. Get fuzzed out and sound like a psychedelic shaman or an early punk rocker, use flange to unleash the eighties, and everything can always use more wah. Stay tuned for new products and updates.

Vintage Gear Done Right

The mobile revolution for guitar is just beginning. We are in the process of building a definitive catalogue of the most desirable tones based on our accurate models of vintage amplifiers and effects, all at your finger tips. Not only can you play along with your favorite records, you can sound exactly like them too.

Drag, Drop, And Rock

We have designed simple interfaces that refocus energy on playing something cool. There’s no need to fumble with mic selection or placement, each amplifier has been tuned to sound exactly like the records that employed them.

Constantly Evolving And Getting Better

With an inexpensive subscription you gain complete access to all of our products, including future releases. It’s the best way to take full advantage of our technology as the application becomes more valuable over time. We’re continuing to track down great pieces of vintage gear so you’re going to want to be plugged in and ready. The history of rock n’ roll sound is at your fingertips.

Here’s a quick look at the different components of AmpStamp:

Floor Controller

The Floor Controller is the brain of your operation, it’s the one screen where you can change your sound with the swipe of a finger and configure control of any combination of physical controls modeled in your signal chain.

By tapping and holding any of the four knobs and switches, or the expression pedal, you will enter the Routing Editor where you can assign each knob/switch/pedal to an unlimited amount of control over the rest of your signal chain. This device has been designed not only to store your presets once you find the perfect tone, but also to allow for an easy and flexible way to modify those presets with a focus on live performance.

Once you have your preset configured, each of the knobs, switches, and the expression pedal can be controlled via MIDI. Tap the MIDI button to enter the configuration screen and set each control to the event corresponding with your controller’s preference.


The input signal is first sent through the Compressor which can accomplish several things at once: boost the level of your guitar using the Output control, achieve traditional compression by driving the Input harder and reducing the Threshold/Ratio control, accentuate pick attack by adjusting the Attack and Decay controls, and gate unwanted hum and noise when gain levels are set high by using the Squelch and Release controls.


The signal is then passed through an array of up to four pedals. Drag, drop, and swap to find the perfect combination of effects. Each time you make a change, we’ll automatically save your updated configuration. Tap or swipe to navigate to the dedicated pedal view for a full screen experience. And don’t forget to tap More, each pedal has several features that will allow you to go beyond the original controls.

Amplifier + Cabinets

The signal is finally passed to our amplifier and cabinet array. Drag, drop, and swap amplifiers and cabinets to find the perfect sound. You can combine up to two cabinets and manually adjust the blend just like a pro studio engineer but with the swipe of a finger, no cables needed. Remember to have fun experimenting with different cabinet combinations, a lot of inspiring tones have been created using just this technique.


After you’ve lined up the perfect combination of cabinets, add a finishing touch with Ambience effects. Capture the subtle sounds of a studio room, or add the smooth decay of a classic plate reverb. All Ambience effects can be adjusted with high and low pass filtering, as well as added pre-delay for a more pronounced effect.

Gear Shop

Continue to check the Gear Shop for new products, or take advantage of an inexpensive monthly subscription which grants an all-access pass that includes all future updates and products. If subscribed, new products will automatically show up in your purchased inventory as they are released.

Additional Features

• macOS version now available
• Audio Unit (AU) now available
• High-resolution audio—support for 44.1/48/96/192kHz sampling rates
• Stereo output with Ambience effects
• MIDI support for hands-free control
• Crosstalk Suppression for audio accessories that connect via the headphone jack

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)