Vintage Guitar 1.1 Presets

In this post we will be looking at the next batch of presets available for Vintage Guitar. This collection of sounds showcases the new pedals available in Version 1.1 including one of the earliest phase shifters and two classic tones associated with a well known musician.

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Featuring the PH101A Phaser, the first official phase shifter to hit the market. The most interesting feature of this effect is the ability ramp between speed settings. Increase the Ramp Time and shift between speeds to create dynamic modulation that never quite settles.

Import this preset – SwirlImport this preset – Swirl

Woodstock II

Our second attempt at the tone Jimi Hendrix made famous at Woodstock, this time with the right lineup of effects: the WH100 Wah, FZ102 Fuzz, and the PH100 Phaser. Try adjusting the FZ102 Bias on the colder side with the Fuzz set low for a more spitty fuzz effect.

Import this preset – Woodstock IIImport this preset – Woodstock II


Similar to the Woodstock tone, this preset adds the OC100 Octave Fuzz, just as Jimi Hendrix did with the Band Of Gypsys. This effect alone could be the source of several new sounds but we decided to feature this fuzz in its natural habitat. With just the OC100 engaged, switch to the bridge pickup and notice that the octave is more pronounced when playing above the 12th fret. Also select the Silicon FZ102 Transistor Material for more gain and a harsher sound, and let the sustain begin.

Import this preset – BOGImport this preset – BOG