AmpStamp 1.8 Presets

Welcome to AmpStamp 1.8! Let’s take a moment to introduce the new effects with some presets that you can start experimenting with.


We start off with an effect so pure, so good, it’s on everyone’s pedal board, no question about it. And it doesn’t get more simple than one knob. The PH103A Phaser is tuned to perfection and pairs well with almost any amplifier, we’ve started with a classic Marshall to get you going. Check out More Controls to shift between single and dual stages, as well as crank the feedback for a more pronounced sweep.


Speaking of pronounced sweeps, with this preset we capture the awesome jet-like qualities of the FL101 Flanger into another favorite amp of ours from Vox. Here too, you can push Regen. into oscillation. This effect sounds amazing on muted power chords.


Woolly, throaty, toothy, chewy, we could keep going, but you just need to hear it for yourself. The VG204D Amplifier and VG 2×12 PB 100W ’63 Cabinet produce a complex tonal quality unlike any other we’ve heard. So kick out the jams, and enjoy!

New Day Rising

One of the first real distortion pedals, the DS101A Distortion is so good, it stands on it’s own. And that’s just what we have here. The pedal is running Direct, hopefully reminding you of this punk rock classic from one of our favorite bands out of Minnesota, don’t ya know.

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