AmpStamp 1.8 – Kick a$$ and Scream

With the release of AmpStamp 1.8, we venture deeper into the world of guitar tone, into uncharted territory, to bring you relics from eras past.

Woolly Mammoth

Let’s start with the VG204D Amplifier and VG 2×12 PB 100W ’63 Cabinet. This amplifier and cabinet exemplify an era of amplification that we haven’t heard from in a while. The tone is raw, chewy, and complex. Dial the cabinet Color darker and boost Presence for a unique bite.

Kick a$$ and Scream

Of course, you’ll need some modulation to add movement to your tone, enter the PH103A Phaser, and FL101 Flanger. At least one of these two effects is found in almost every pedal board today. They are instant classics, and we’ve added a twist. You can push the Feedback (PH103A) or Regeneration (FL101) into self-oscillation. Let the noise rock begin.

We’re also introducing the DS101A Distortion. Presented in it’s bud box form, this pedal brings a level of distortion that was unheard of in 1978. Here too, you can easily push the Feedback into self-oscillation. However, try dialing it back just before that point, then crank it for brink-of-destruction tone. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun tweaking Slew Rate.

Singing and Chirping

While you’re wailing away, don’t forget to add some Ambience. With the AMB 200 Spring Reverb you can now add the unmistakable chirp of spring reverb to any amplifier and cabinet. We’ve kept the same controls from our other ambience effects so you can even dial back the decay and create a springy room reverb.


As always, we think you’ll find that AmpStamp has endless variations of tone to satisfy guitarists in any genre of music. If you’re already a subscriber, thank you! If you haven’t subscribed yet, hurry up! You’re missing out! Check out the Gear Shop and stay tuned for new products.

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