AmpStamp 1.6 Presets

Welcome to AmpStamp 1.6! From blues revival to early thrash metal, there is a lot of ground to cover. Here are some new and revised presets, with better accuracy, and more control over your tone.


Entering the High-Gain era amps became tighter, with more distortion at lower volumes. This defined a new kind of crunch for the next generation of rock and heavy metal. That sound is on full display here with the VG408D Amplifier. Crank the Volume control for more chunk, using the (preamp) Gain control to dial in the right amount of crunch. The tone stack is subtle, but useable. Paired with the VG 4x12B 260W ’82 Cabinet, it won’t be long before you recognize this sound, get ready to shred.


This amplifier is so versatile, it’s hard to contain in just one preset so stay tuned for more info. From crunch to blistering leads, use the Deep option to fatten your tone and the Treble Shift option to tighten the bass. The 5-Band Graphic EQ speaks for itself… Also, dial back the Master 1 control to reduce flub in the bass and increase the Master control to compensate for the volume drop. This will allow a steeper “V” in the EQ section, creating a classic heavy metal tone made famous by bands like Metallica.


We just can’t seem to pull away from this preset. Perhaps the passage of time has made it harder to capture exactly what was going on with Hendrix’s signal chain at Woodstock, but with version V we think we’ve come one step closer. With this update, we have moved the FZ102 Fuzz after the PH100 Phaser. To our ears it’s become clear that the white knob Fuze Face that Hendrix used at Woodstock was most likely a boost. It just sounds right, and we think you’ll agree. But enough talking, let’s try it out!