AmpStamp 1.6 – The Gold Standard

Welcome to the eighties! With the release of AmpStamp 1.6, we are ushering in the era of high gain amps with some serious tone sculpting, effects loops, MIDI control …oh the technology! From blues revival to early thrash metal, there is a lot of ground to cover. Classics were becoming classics and modifying said gear was in vogue. Everyone was searching for something uniquely theirs, the ability to stand out from the pack. Now it’s your turn to relive some of the early tones from the most decadent of decades.


With support for MIDI Control, you can now take your tone live! Using basic MIDI messages, you can change presets, toggle switches, control knobs, and of course use the expression pedal, all from the perspective of the Floor Controller.

By using the Routing Editor to configure how each of the controls interacts with your effects, amp, cabinets, and ambience, there is a virtually limitless combination of control that you can program. Combined with hands-free access, it’s time to rock!


What is there to say about the amp that defined high gain for the ’80’s and continues to be sought after today? Well, here it is, the VG802C Amplifier. Those in the know might understand that this amplifier went through several revisions and was getting constantly tweaked until it finally arrived at its most coveted version. We’ve captured that here, as well as an optional flaw/feature with the original implementation of the FX Loop.

Which brings us to FX Loops! What would go on to define a modern feature set for an amplifier in the ’80’s definitely included an FX Loop. With all of the gain now happening in the preamp section, it made sense that things like echo should be after the distortion for a more realistic sound, similar to what studio engineers could provide during the recording process. Doing this also cleaned up effects like chorus and flangers too!

Speaking of modern feature sets, the VG408D Amplifier would define the next several decades of modernism in amplifier design. With channel switching, an FX Loop, and built-in Reverb, it was all there. This amp would gain some notoriety for including a diode limiting section, and also went through several revisions.

We’ve captured one of the earlier incarnations, and on playback we think that you’ll agree, this is a classic! Don’t miss out on the awesome clean channel too, there is a lot of tone to be had with this one.


Of course with each great amplifier must come a great cabinet. And we’ve got just the thing for the new high gain amps. The VG 4x12HBA 250W ’85 Cabinet and the VG 4x12B 260W ’82 Cabinet. We suggest mixing and matching to find your tone. These ’80s cabs also sound great with some earlier classic amps too, more to come on that soon!

Each cabinet features either two different speakers, or a blend of similar speakers in different positions. We think you’ll instantly fall in love with these cabinets.


Here we have the definitive overdrive, perfectly complementing a high gain amp, cleaning up some flub in the bass, and adding just a little nudge during a ripping solo. The OD101 Overdrive definitely delivers. We’re exited to explore the wonderful world of overdrives in parallel with our extensive collection of fuzzes.

And of course, the ’80s would not be complete without a chorus pedal. The CH102 Chorus may not have been the first but it certainly is one of the most distinctive. Add a subtle shimmering effect to clean tones, more width to distorted tones, or crank up the speed for some otherworldly sounds!

But don’t bother listening to us, just plug in and play…


As always, we think you’ll find that AmpStamp has endless variations of tone to satisfy guitarists in any genre of music. If you’re already a subscriber then thank you! If you haven’t subscribed yet, then hurry up! You’re missing out! Check out the Gear Shop and stay tuned for new products.