AmpStamp 1.5 – The Color of Tone

With the release of AmpStamp 1.5, we’ve added an entirely new category of products–Ambience effects, expanded the tonal capabilities of all cabinets, and added a new 2×12 combo that has been a missing link at the heart of countless classic tones. As we continue to iterate, the number of unique tones that you can achieve with AmpStamp is ever-increasing. With more accuracy, and amazing levels of touch sensitivity, we think you’re going to find endless inspiration in your playing. Let’s take a quick look at what’s new!

Color and Offset

Color and OffsetWe have updated all cabinets with Color and Offset controls. Color transitions between the unique sound of miking a speaker at its center (Bright) versus all the way out at the very edge (Dark). Offset places a second angled microphone near the edge, simulating a common technique used to tame a bright top end.

This makes the unique tonal combinations with just one cabinet very deep, not to mention when blending two cabinets together. The possibilities are wide and varied, and we encourage lots of experimentation with these new controls!


AMB400 Plate ReverbWe’re also excited to announce the addition of Ambience effects to AmpStamp! Once you have the right amplifier, cabinet, and effects, that will get you extremely close to your favorite records. But that last mile of the signal chain, for instance adding something like a plate reverb, really puts a finishing touch on your tone.

Expensive, hard to find, and hard to maintain, the legendary sound of plate reverb is now at your fingertips with the AMB400 Plate Reverb. We’ve also added a few conveniences like high and low pass filters, as well as pre-delay, elements commonly used in the studio to shape the final guitar sound.

AMB100 Early ReflectionsAnd for close-in, tight room sounds, we’ve added something more basic. Check out AMB100 Early Reflections. This effect captures a series of reflections in three dimensions, similar to how an acoustically treated studio might sound. But of course, you can exaggerate the effect, with a bigger, longer echo, or get closer and more claustrophobic, like an isolated booth typically used when driving amplifiers at full volume.

With this new category of effects you can now get that much closer to the recorded guitars on your favorite records. So keep exploring!

The Missing Link

VG302E AmplifierIt was surprising to find out just how many artists have used this amplifier in its various incarnations. Once we plugged into the VG302E Amplifier, it became obvious why. This amp is awesome! With relatively low power, an absence of negative feedback, and a now-classic top boost tone circuit, there is a lot that contributes to this amp’s unique sound.

But don’t bother listening to us, just plug in and play. We think you’ll instantly fall in love with this classic. And make sure to try various cabinets, as even today, modern versions will sell with two very different speaker options.

Same Subscription, More Great Products

As always, we think you’ll find that AmpStamp has endless variations of tone to satisfy guitarists in any genre of music. If you’re already a subscriber then thank you! If you haven’t subscribed yet, then hurry up! You’re missing out! Check out the Gear Shop and stay tuned for new products.