The History of Rock n’ Roll Sound

Follow with us as we revisit a long list of classic effects for the electric guitar through our first app for iOS, Vintage Guitar. The history of rock n’ roll sound is at your fingertips.

Free Stuff

First things first, effects were never meant to replace good tone. In fact starting with a great sounding amp is always the best way to get the most out of any pedal. So we decided to give you just that, great tone, for free. As soon as you launch the app you’ll be greeted by our Compressor and Amplifier models that can be used to instantly shape your sound. You might stop there if you want, as good tone can go a long way but we know your creative spirit is ceaseless and will lead you to more experimentation.

Head to the Pedal Shop

From the first batch of transistorized effects to the latest boutique pedals our goal is to experience classic fuzzes and distortions, phase shifters, chorus/flangers, and wahs with a fresh take. With such a long list of great sounds it was difficult to decide where to start, so why not right at the beginning. Starting with the very first transistorized fuzz effect released in 1962 we begin our journey, here’s a look at the current effects available in the Pedal Shop.


Save Your Sounds

When you first launch the app you’ll see the Floor Controller, the center of your operation. Here you can save, recall, reorder, edit, and delete presets, as well as route any of the knobs/switches or expression pedal to any (and multiple) physical controls modeled in any pedal in your signal chain including the Compressor and Amplifier. This all-in-one pedal is also a classic take on a piece of vintage gear but with much more capability.

Floor Controller

Stay Tuned

With unlimited possibilities for realtime control, a growing list of vintage effects, and an awesome Compressor and Amplifier that you get for free, we think you’ll find that Vintage Guitar has endless variations of tone to satisfy guitar players in any genre of music. Check out our product page for more details and stay tuned for new pedals.