Vintage Guitar

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Vintage Guitar, version 1.1   Vintage Guitar

It all starts with great tone, for free. Use the Compressor to condition the dynamics of your guitar signal, boost your level, or overemphasize to add sustain. With the Amplifier, create tones ranging from classic rock and blues all the way to alternative and heavy rock, with enough gain to spare. When you’ve dialed in the perfect sound, save it as a preset in the virtual Floor Controller for instant recall.

When you need more options or want to expand your creativity, head to the Pedal Shop. You can buy pedals individually or subscribe for an inexpensive all-access pass that includes all future updates and products. Get fuzzed out and sound like a classic rock hero or an early punk rocker, use flange to unleash the eighties, and everything can always use more wah. Stay tuned for new products and updates.

Here’s a quick look at the different components of Vintage Guitar:



The input signal is first sent through the Compressor which can accomplish several things at once: use the Output control to boost the level of your guitar, drive the Input harder and reduce the Threshold/Ratio control for traditional compression, adjust the Attack and Decay controls to accentuate pick attack, and use the Squelch and Release controls to gate unwanted hum and noise when gain levels are set high.



The Amplifier is designed to achieve a wide range of tones from classic to modern. The Volume control gives an indication that this is a non-master volume configuration though ultimately you have control over the master volume of the app. Increasing the volume control will push the amplifier into saturation similar to how a real tube amplifier would react. The tone stack at the core of the amplifier has been tuned to allow for a wide range of possibilities: dial the Middle control back for classic crunch, increase the Bass control for blues-rock, or push the Middle and Treble controls forward for a more modern edge.

Most importantly, the Amplifier is very responsive to the type of guitar being used, especially the pickups. With one guitar and a pickup selector, given the range of settings available with Vintage Guitar, the history of rock n’ roll sound is at your fingertips.

Floor Controller


The Floor Controller is the brain of your operation, it’s one screen where you can change your sound with the swipe of a finger and/or configure control of any combination of physical controls modeled in the effects in your signal chain including the Compressor and Amplifier.

By tapping and holding any of the four knobs and switches, or the expression pedal, you will enter the Routing Editor where you can assign each knob/switch/pedal to an unlimited amount of control over the rest of your signal chain. This device has been designed not only store your presets once you find the perfect tone, but to also allow an easy and flexible way to modify those presets with a focus on live performance.

Pedal Shop


Continue to check the Pedal Shop for new products. Or take advantage of the inexpensive monthly subscription which grants an all-access pass that includes all future updates and products.

Additional Features

• Inter-App Audio support for use with Garageband
• Crosstalk Suppression for audio accessories that connect via the headphone jack
• Background Audio support and Session mixing for playing along with iTunes tracks

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Vintage Guitar