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NEW VG402C Amplifier

VG402C AmplifierThe later and more agressive 100W non-master volume amplifier. Features two channels with low sensitivity inputs for high output pickups as well as a custom Mod section to fine tune response between ’68 and ’69 specifications, or something in between.

NEW VG4X12B100W78 Cabinet

VG4X12B100W78 CabinetA bottom 4×12 closed back cabinet featuring classic 25W, 16 ohm speakers with black magnet covers and original lead 75Hz resonance cones. Speaker frames date production on September 19th and 21st, 1978.

NEW VG205E Amplifier

VG205E AmplifierA reintroduction to an old classic, however several changes occurred that left many finding this amplifier sonically undesirable. We’ve recreated all of those nuances, from poor bias adjustment to decreased drive potential to pulsating vibrato and reverb.

NEW VG2X12C100W68 Cabinet

VG2X12C100W68 CabinetAn open back combo that pairs with the VG205E Amplifier, featuring two 50W extended range loudspeakers with orange frames. Due to a loss of records, serial numbers date production circa 1968.

FZ102 Fuzz

FZ102 FuzzVery similar in design to the FZ101B, but with a lack of quality control over transistor selection that gives this effect its reputation. Extended controls include Transistor Material: Ge/Si and Bias adjustment.

OC100 Octave Fuzz

OC100 Octave FuzzThe first octave up fuzz, giving birth to a subgenre of effects. Though simple in design, this effect reacts strongly to pickup selection and note range. Extended controls for Bias and Balance adjust the strength of the octave.

PH101A Phaser

PH101A PhaserThe first official phase shifter. This effect has six filter stages and unique organ-style controls that allow ramping between speeds. Extended controls include selectable Waveforms for each speed and Ramp Time.

FZ100A Fuzz

FZ100A Fuzz

The first transistor-based fuzz effect. Extended controls include Power Supply, Transistor Cutoff, and Balance. Increasing the Transistor Cutoff will allow for a heavily gated fuzz effect similar to adjusting bias.

PH100 Phaser

PH100 Phaser

One of the earliest phasers meant to simulate a rotating speaker effect. Extended control for Pulse Width changes the timing of the LFO providing new rhythmic expression while adjusting Resonance/Balance can achieve deeper phasing effects.

FL100 Flanger

One of the most popular effects of its era to employ Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs). Note: when the Filter Matrix is engaged the Rate control has no effect and the Range control adjusts the amount of delay for unique filtering effects.

FZ101B Fuzz

FZ101B Fuzz

Carrying forward the lineage of the FZ100A, this effect provides more gain while trying to maintain stability and simplicity. Extended controls include Revision: MK 1.5/MK II and Transistor Type: OC75/OC81D which adjusts gain and harmonic structure.

WH100 Wah

WH100 Wah

The original wah-wah effect. Extended controls include tuning for Min/Max Frequency corresponding to the heel and toe position respectively, as well as control over Resonance to adjust peak response.