Classic Sounds: Disraeli Gears – First Look

The Marshall amplifier is one of the most iconic images of rock n’ roll. Its sound has driven hundreds if not thousands of records to date. As we dig in to the heart of the amplifier, the core of AmpStamp, it only makes sense that we catalog the many artists who have helped to cement the history of this music technology. In this installment of our classic sounds series, we’d like to take a brief look at Disraeli Gears and give you a sample of what’s to come.

Using the VG402C Amplifier paired with the VG 4X12B 100W 1978 Cabinet, this example takes advantage of the Normal channel, something mostly overlooked. This was the preferred channel for Eric Clapton during his work with Cream. Though the current cabinet dates from 1978, we are hard at work seeking out more vintage cabinets and we have some great products in store for you so stay tuned, but for now we think you’ll agree that the results are stunning. Take a listen to the sample below demonstrating the guitar tone found on Sunshine Of Your Love.

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Sunshine Of Your Love

There is a not so subtle compression that happens when this configuration of the VG402C Amplifier is cranked. Several players during the late 1960’s experienced a similar tone when pushing their amplifiers beyond the gain provided by the preamp. Eventually the circuit was changed to accommodate for this unintended effect but the tone remains committed to recorded history. We thought we should at least do the service of preserving this corner of tone history for the generations to come. 

Playing Notes: mid to low output humbucker, neck pickup, or bridge pickup with the tone control set low, full volume or adjust to taste.

Import this preset – Sunshine Of Your LoveImport this preset – Sunshine Of Your Love